Speaking of VR, it has been focused on playing with one person, how we can immerse in that other world, and make the image more beautiful. However, this time we will provide a new style of VR game where many people can play simultaneously, recognize each other in the virtual space, and get communication. Through this space made with state-of-the-art technology, we will offer encounters with new people and excitement.
In addition, this time we also have in-store knowledge of designs tailored to the world view, rich variety of drinks, photogenic dishes. While waiting for the game, please enjoy these with the cafe & bar style.


Operating company Futaba Tosho Co., Ltd.
location 2-8-22 Kannonhoncho Nishi-ku Hiroshima
Foundation September 23, 1913
Date of establishment July 23, 1951
Capital 49.5 million yen
Business contents
  1. Book store management (book / magazine retail)
  2. Publication wholesale
  3. Book store franchise (FC) development and management guidance
  4. Self-published publication
  5. Stationery Sales
  6. Video / Music business (video / CD / DVD, rental and sales)
  7. Multimedia product sales
  8. Amusement Business
  9. New Business R & D
Officer Executive Chairman: Haruki Hayashi
CEO President: Shigeo Sera


Regular employee

Food Producer (Menu Planning and Development)

We will leave a fresh and unique menu plan that matches the world view of the new business "VR game & cafe bar".

Menu composition, recipe creation
Training for cooking staff, cooking instruction etc.

Cooking & drinks offered at the store. We will leave the tasks related to menu development.
In the new store, we plan to prepare 100 kinds of drinks and 50 kinds of dishes!
For new stores that we will start from now, we can create stores while shaping our ideas and ideas such as menu creation and promotional planning.

Candidate manager

We will leave the management work related to store management. Please raise the attention-intensive topic store to a more popular store with your hands!

Numerical control such as sales
Staff recruitment and education
Planning and implementation of sales promotion plan etc.

"Rewarding" Create a new entertainment!

Our "VR Game & Cafe Bar" is not a management of already existing business model, but a new style of making it totally from zero. It is a space full of future feeling suitable for Shibuya with high information sensitivity. Why do not you join together with excitement and surprises you have never had since fun ideas and innovative projects are increasingly adopting corporate culture?

Talents we want

Inexperience/Second graduate welcome. We do not care about my academic background. Normal driver's license …
Welcome people who are interested in broad entertainment, curious people!

What we are asked for is the ability to plan and propose new ideas, fun things to think one after another, so that they can think that they want to come again.We always seek trends and topics topics with antennas constantly, people who have strong intellectual curiosity to catch information!
How will we respond to customer needs? Why do not you take shape with ingenious creative ideas?

Those who fall under the following are welcome

・Those who are curious and able to transmit opinions and ideas more and more
・Those who like to be in touch with people or to be pleased
・Those who have basic cooking experience (cooking experience at part-time job and attending cooking school etc)
・Interested in entertainment such as books, movies, music

Work location Shinjuku Tokyo / Hiroshima
Working hours Rotation system
9:00 ~ 18:00
14:30 ~ next 23:30

Monthly salary 200,400yen~400,000yen + Various allowances
We will give you preferential consideration of your ability, experience, previous service.

Model annual income example:annual income 5010,000yen/32years old/Monthly salary 306,000yen

Raising / bonus Raising:Once a year(April)
Bonus:Twice a year(July, December)
Allowances Housing allowance, family allowance, position allowance, job allowance, etc.
Holiday / Vacation Complete weekly holiday system (rotation system)
New Year's Holiday, Summer Holidays, Paid Vacation, Congratuation Vacation
There is a long holiday system
Welfare Social insurance full, savings savings system, subscription to voluntary insurance group, education training center, employee trip, long-term long-term leave system

Staff (employee appointment system available)

* Please look at each shop page

It is a job of a new sense amusement facility that provides experience with virtual reality


It is a job such as guidance at the reception desk at the reception, cashier, guidance on how to play in the play area, safety guidance and so on.

Cafe & Bar

A stylish cafe & bar space is also provided. We are also planning a full bar counter with pouring beer from the server and shaking the shaker! We will arrange customer service at the hall, making drinks at the kitchen, and easy cooking.

It is safe for the first time. We will teach firmly, including advance training.

Job target High school student is impossible, inexperienced OK! First byte students welcome!
Others Hair type / hair color is basic freedom (being able to feel cleanliness)
"Use English" and "Batten experience" positively adopted!
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