What is VREX?
VREX is the place where you can not only play the latest VR and AR game but also enjoy eating and drinking.
What AR/VR games can you play?
VREX is the only place that you can enjoy playing multi-player games.
Please click HERE for more details.
How do you pronounce VREX? What does that mean?
“VIREKKUSU” VR(VR game)+EX(experience)=VREX!!
Can children come to VREX?
Although we have age limitation of children, they can still come to VREX.
Please check this out for details.
Can we play games after drinking alcohol?
Certainly. But if you get too drunk, our stuff may ask you not to play in case you get hurt. Thanks for understanding.
Can we come to VREX even if we don’t play?
Of course.
*But we strongly recommend you to try out fascinating game which can be played here only.
Is reservation available?
Although limited, the seats can be reserved here.
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Is reservation of games available?
Sorry. The only reservation of the games is not available but you can reserve for the course with food and drink.
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Can we reserve the entire hall?
Please click HERE for more details and make a phone call to inquire our stuff directly.
How to access VREX?
Please click HERE for the access.
Are there parking lots?
Sorry. There is no parking lot.
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