What kind of shop is it?
VREX is a shop where you can enjoy the latest VR, AR games and eating and drinking with friends
What games (VR, AR) do you have?
We can prepare many games that can be enjoyed at the same time, which can only be done here. Please check this out for details.
How do you read VREX? What do you mean?
We read Virex( Pronunciation = vi-recks )
VR(VR Game)+ EX(EXPERIENCE)= We named it VREX.
Can children enter the shop?
There is a time limit depending on age, but you can enter the store. Please check this out for details.
Can I play games even though I drink alcohol?
Yes. However, when you are drunk, you may refuse to play the game for safety reasons. Please acknowledge it.
Can I enter the store without playing a game?
Yes, even if you use only eating and drinking, you can enter.
We have attractive games that you can only experience here, so please use it by all means.
Can I make a reservation?
Although there are limited numbers, it is possible to reserve a seat. Please check this out for details.
Can I pre-order games?
I'm sorry. Reservation of games only is not accepted. Please reserve food and drinks and set. Please check this out for details.
Is it possible to charter?
Please refer to this page, please contact directly to the shop
How do I get there?
Please refer to this page and check each shop.
Is there a parking lot?
I'm sorry. Parking lot preparation is not available.
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