Kiseki series 15th anniversary collaboration cafe

In response to a lot of encores, trajectory series 15th anniversary trajectory collaboration cafe is back for 3 days limited to 5/3-5/5 of Golden Week! Series characters are the first VR collaboration! [Support: Nippon Falcom Co., Ltd.]
Become a character of "Locus Series" and enjoy nine VREX VR games! In addition, we offer full-scale collaboration food, drinks associated with the game. A limited time Falcom shop and Dengekiya "Kiseki" Memorial Shop will be on business trip, and goodies will be enhanced!
Furthermore, during the period, if you purchase one collaboration VR game, food, or drink at VREX, you will receive one original IC card sticker!

* With regard to coming to the store, you can use the game experience only, the food only, the drink only, and the goods purchase only. Regular VREX services (VR · AR experience, food, drinks) are also available.

Michey finally comes to the Shinjuku shop!

* We plan around 30 minutes each time
* Please observe the following precautions for shooting

Please refrain from bringing in lighting equipment, selfie sticks, tripods, etc.
We do not accept photography with flash
Please be careful not to capture other customers when taking photos

# Encore period

Friday, May 3, 2019 - Sunday, May 5, 2019

# Place

Shibuya branch: 1-12-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Kaleid Shibuya Miya Masuzaka 3F
Shinjuku branch: Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku Ward Kabukicho 1-27-5 APM Building 5F
Hiroshima branch: Hiroshima-shi Hiroshima-shi Naka-ku 5-3 Don Quijote Hiroshima Hatchobori store 5F

# Business hours

Shibuya branch: 12:00 - 23:30
Shinjuku branch: 10:00 - 23:30
Hiroshima branch: 11:30 - 23:00
(Last Order: Game · Food is closed 1 hour before, Drink is 30 minutes before)

The present project has ended. Thank you for many applications.
Winners will be notified by DM by 5/8.

Collaboration Food Contents

* During the encore period, it is possible to order all menus in the first half and the second half!

[Hood] (first half)

Rare dishes: Pale white rice << Kukyo >>
Original cuisine: back fish burger
Extraordinary cuisine: rainbow colored mill crepe
Rare dishes: inspirational salad

[Drink] (first half)

Lin: green tea lemonade
Crow: Ao nooddine
Altina: Brown sugar fluffy chocolate tapioca milk tea
Alisa: Rose latte cappuccino at the end of the work

The second half food and drink is here!

[Food] (second half)

Manoria village white wood lotus chopsticks special smoked ham sand
Heavy carbonara made by Kier

【Drink】 (second half)

Joshua: Shickoku no kiba
Estel: Ouka-musougeki
Lloyd: Burning Heart
Kier: Zero no shihou

Playable Character List

Lin, Crow, Arisa, and Artina.

In addition, in the collaboration VR game, it is possible to take a commemorative photo. You can also decide poses with weapons and exquisite figures in the state of being a character!
(Pause taking all the time limit to take pictures, back menu 'shooting mode' available)

There are 9 types of collaboration subjects this time. Let's enjoy "Yoka Rock" to avoid the rolling falling rocks and "Bomber Dodge" throwing bombs, all the way! Track trajectory correspondence game, nine kinds of pictures!

For each game content, click here

Falcom shop for a limited time, Dengekiya "Locus" Memorial Shop also opened Encore business trip.
There may be addition of the product which I could not buy !?

Collaboration benefits contents

For those who have ordered VR games, collaboration food, and drinks for the target, they will receive a specially-made "Kiseki collaboration IC card sticker" that can only be obtained here!
During the encore period, you can choose to use either the first half or the second half.
Furthermore, a secret that was separate for each store in the first half may hit any store this time! !

(First half = all 9 species + 4 secrets)
(Second half = all 10 species + 2 secrets)

Collaboration menu fee

Collaboration VR game (+ 1 commemorative photo + 1 IC card sticker) 1,050 yen
Collaborative food (+ 1 IC card sticker) 1,050 yen
Collaboration drink (1 + IC card sticker) 1,050 yen
Collaboration food & drink set (+ IC card sticker 2 sheets) 1,750 yen
Collaboration full set (VR game + memorial picture 1 piece + collaboration food + collaboration drink + 3 card stickers 3 sheets) 2,450 yen
* All inclusive

[Goods information]

[Previous experience report]

Reservation from here! (Choose a locus collaboration set or a seat only reservation)


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