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VR world unique game experience!
Dodge ball with bomb!? Fireworks experience in VR world?
There are lots of games you can enjoy with your friends!
Price 1 game 1 person
  Shibuya 700 yen
  Shinjuku 2 medals
Remarks Usually, it is a game of 2 to 4 players play
* Play with 1 person is also possible, we recommend play with 2 people or more


Who is the most fashionable today?
Cute and fashionable coordination & sound game, a game that can become a VR idol!

Once you addict, you can not stop!? In this game, you can become a pretty girl (a young girl) of VR idol!

After choosing the appearance such as your favorite dress, hairstyle, eye color, hair accessories and changing clothes, you can enjoy live sound games, and you can take pictures of memorial at the end! (The picture can be bought for 200 yen in the Shibuya shop and 2 photos in the Shinjuku shop with 1 medal)

Regardless of gender, you can become a cute voice of this game, a unique novelty unique to VR, repeaters are ongoing! Who is the most fashionable person today !?

Make a photo album with your strongest stylish coordination!

  • VR
  • 1〜4 persons
  • Cooperation
  • Experience
Treasure Valley

Treasure Valley

Go down the treasure valley and get lots of treasure! Enjoy fantastic scenery, VR treasure excavation game.

Players slowly descend through the valley where the treasure falls asleep.

Let's collect the treasure that comes out by throwing balls in the treasure box and crystal that appear one after another!

Must see the beauty of the fantastic valley! What are you waiting at the end of the stage ...?
Cooperate with each other, while aiming for high score!

  • ・Cooperative play
  • ・Excite ☆☆☆
  • ・Treasure ☆☆☆
  • VR
  • 2〜4 persons
  • Cooperation
mogura in VR

Mogura in VR

This is "Moles shipment", not "Whack-a-mole game". A lot of kinds of moles are super cute, new sense VR moles shipping game.

This is a game that allows you to experience various kinds of moles that comes out of a clay pipe by pulling them out with bare hands (not hitting with a hammer) and shipping them in a basket.

Moles have many kinds, such as ordinary brown mole, gold mole, metal mole, ninja mole etc etc! The speed of disappearance after going out and the score when shipping will differ.

Moles can be placed on the floor or floated in the air without shipping! Is the appearance of moving moles super cute?

Please experience the dynamism of capturing the moles coming out of the clay pipes throughout the room, while moving around and down.

  • ・Cooperative play
  • ・Busyness ☆☆☆
  • ・Love ☆☆☆
  • VR
  • 2〜4 persons
  • Battle
  • Cooperation


Let's eat sushi of specified materials more and more!
VR gourmet battle without a mistake on laughter

The score will be added by searching for the subject the material of the sushi appearing in the center of the screen from the rotating coaster and quickly carrying it to the mouth. Who can eat the most objective the material of the sushi !?

It is also interesting to eat freshly and aim for high scores, but it is also fun to hit the opponent against a sushi dish that has finished eating, to float the dish in the air and to obstruct the opponent as blindfold, the free movement unique to the VREX VR game It is also recommended to play with!
You can also stand in the middle of rotating sushi and give pressure to your opponent!

  • ・Score games
  • ・Taste ☆☆☆
  • ・Satiety ☆☆☆
  • VR
  • 2-4 persons
  • Battle


Avoid the gigantic rocks approaching! Great rock avoidance VR game

"Yoke Rock" is a game that avoids big rocks rolling down one after another, it is simple and can experience only in VR (in reality, I do not want to taste) experience.

Do you avoid avoiding with brilliant footwork, or with other players as shields, only to survive? Please try various methods.

By the way, treasure chests come down in the second half. In that case please avoid avoiding, score will be added by hitting.

  • ・Score game
  • ・Avoidance power ☆☆☆
  • ・Australian luck ☆☆☆
  • VR
  • 2〜4 persons
Pillow thrown


Everyone has done before, "Pillow throwing game" is completely reproduced in the VR world!
Nostalgic VR pillow throwing game.

That "pillow throw" that everyone has played on a school trip, etc. has returned to VR and came back!

The rules are simple. If you throw a countless pillow in the room, hit the opponent, your score will be added! (On the other hand your score will be subtracted if you hit it!) Not only will you throw the pillow, but use it as a shield It is also possible.

It is also possible to set up a super close match by making full use of the freedom of movement in the room. When playing with multiple people, the scene that one person fits bullying is also often ... How about a familiar "pillow throw" that anyone can easily play?

  • ・Battle
  • ・Sleepiness degree ☆☆☆
  • ・Nostalgy ☆☆☆
  • VR
  • 2-4 persons
  • Battle
Bomber Dodge


Instead of a ball, throw a timed bomb, hit it, let it explode! Timing bargaining is also important? VR Deathmatch

It is a deathmatch dodge ball experience of throwing a bomb. Throwing bombs will flash red as the explosion approaches.

The strategy keeps bombs until the end, and throws at the moment of explosion. Or you can go beside the other party with a bomb and explode with your opponent. Survive Death Match by making use of the freedom of movement within the VR space!

In addition, if you hit it on the other's head, try using the function that makes it impossible to remove the bomb from the head for a certain period of time, and the mechanism that can hit the wall and reflect the bomb.
Aim to be king of bombing!

  • ・Battle
  • ・Excite ☆☆☆
  • ・Degree of fatigue ☆☆☆
  • VR
  • 2-4 persons
  • Battle
Bang Bang Bloom

Bang, Bang, Bloom

Bang Bang Bang, let your own flowers bloom! Heartwarming & authentic VR fighting battle shooting game

It is a shooting game that brings guns in both hands, shoots Danbun bullets and makes flowers bloom.

On the upper left of the screen, green fairy with wings grew? When you shoot, the head flower changes to your own color (1P is red, etc., the color is decided for each player), and if the fairy escapes from the screen as far as the last color, it gets point!
Besides fairies, you can also add points by shooting buds growing from big trees and blooming flowers.

From the appearance of the fairy, I think that it is a warm heart game, in fact it is finished in a firm fighting type shooter, and if you really try to play against each other, you can not miss it from the beginning to the end. You can shoot a far-reaching opponent and also interfere with the other party. When shot, the grass grows thick and the visibility is blocked!

The world unique to VR is also attractive, and the players will float up above the huge trees. Those who are fear of heights, do not look downward! They will float to a considerably high place.
When you reach the top of the goal, what color is the color of the flower that greets players !?

  • ・shooting game
  • ・Heartwarming degree ☆☆☆
  • VR
  • 2 to 4 persons
  • battle

Shall we HANABI

In your garden, on the beach, in space! VR fireworks experience for relaxing enjoyment in various scenes that change Experience

Enjoy the fireworks in the VR world and experience it.
There is no score or fight. Let's play fireworks, throw fireworks, let the fireworks float in the sky in a changing landscape one after another. In the end, you go to space and it's a fireworks experience in outer space!

Because the universe, thrown fireworks will fly away and away....

Please play this game if you are tired of competing game. It is also a game recommended for dating.

  • ・non-game
  • ・Healing ☆☆☆
  • ・Closeness ☆☆☆
  • VR
  • 2-4 persons


The long-awaited VR game appears! Stress big divergence within VR !!

Put the dishes, the piggy bank and even to the room,throw or hit with a hammer! break it up!

  • VR
  • 2-4 persons
  • experience
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