VR Virtual life


VR Virtual life

Price 1 game 1 person
  Shibuya 2,000 yen
  Shinjuku 5 medals
Remarks Usually, it is a game of 2 to 4 players play

World's longest class! VR game appearing continuously for more than 30 minutes! Experience the wild life full of life that can not be realized!

Regular VR games are generally about 5 to 10 minutes in length, but this game is a VR that can immerse in the VR world for as much as 20 to 50 minutes, which is unparalleled in the world It has become a game.
* Play time varies depending on the number of participants and play style

Do you think that you will get tired if you do it for so long? No problem. Rest in the chair in the VR world of the game. (When you sit in a chair in the VR world, you can sit down and rest on the actual chair)

In the game, players create their own avatars. Players can experience VR experiences different from reality.
You roll the dice in the VR world and move the points according to the number that came out. In every points, various things happen, for example good things or awful things!

Will you win the lottery? Get some billion yen? Your house will be a fire and you will lose all your wealth ?? Other,Become company president, A job hunting (ex. becoming an idol), Marriage events that you can apply for marriage to your favorite partner (same-sex partner as well) A number of events will color your VR life.

When reaching the goal of a long long VR life, what is it that you will definitely wait for the first place player? Please check with your own eyes. An experience that we can not taste in normal life is waiting.

Currently, Virtual Life is running "adult edition" starting with employment. "Children edition" that you can experience childhood soon will be released soon!

Virtual life -Children's edition
Virtual life -Children's edition

You can experience a life full of life that can not be done with real life!

From college students, for a ridiculous occupation to a wild life! Married by players, you can enjoy "Occidental VR" that everyone gets to see if you score the best.

  • VR
  • 2〜4persons
  • cooperation
  • battle
Virtual life -Adult edition

Once again the nostalgic days

When I was an elementary school student, I seemed to look up at the classroom, as the junior high school and the high school grew, the sense of discomfort disappears. It is an experience of nostalgy that reminds me of his time of empathy.

VR Virtual Life "Children's Edition" Coming soon !

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