In the crisis of the destruction of the earth, a roller coaster experience running around the city at high speed! Urban kick way release start!

  • Hiroshima
  • Shinjuku
  • Shibuya

The roller coaster experience type NEW game released, playing on moving vehicles like Segway!
You can experience at Shinjuku store and Shibuya store from 21th of this month. (Hiroshima store will be released soon)


I’m sure you will be excited about the new sense ride of super power that runs through the city!


> Click here for details of the game

Announcement of change of business hours for New Year’s Holiday

  • Hiroshima
  • Shinjuku
  • Shibuya

We will inform you of VREX branch, year-end and New Year opening hours.
End of the year VR, the beginning of the year VR, by all means VREX!


VREX Shibuya
12/30 (Sun) Normal business
12/31 (Monday) Normal business
1/1 (Tue) Closed
1/2 (Wed) Normal business
1/3 (Thu) Normal business


VREX Shinjuku
12/30 (Sun) Normal business
12/31 (Monday) 10: 00 ~ 20: 00
1/1 (Tue) 12: 00-20: 00
1/2 (Wed) from 12: 00-21: 00
1/3 (Thu) 12: 00 ~ 21: 00


VREX Hiroshima
12/30 (Sun) Normal business
12/31 (Monday) Normal business
1/1 (Tue) 14: 00-21: 00
1/2 (Wed) Normal business
1/3 (Thu) Normal business

“DR escape cannon” started operation

  • Hiroshima

VREX Hatchobori store limited content, “DR escape cannon” finally started operation!
DR stands for “Desital Reality”, It is a new game using infrared sensor and projection mapping.


Children under the age of 7 can PLAY as you can play with no head mounted display attached to your head! Now you can play with 1 medals 1 medal (preschool children are free with accompanied by adults).


Detailed explanation of the game


You superman reflected in the wall! Can you avoid the enemy’s battery properly? What? Burning DR game!


Number of players is a competition game that can play up to 2 people vs 2 people. Attacker team shoot cannon cannon and hit the defending team!


The defending team turns into a superman with the power of DR, and avoid the enemy’s bullet in good timing! And show high speed movement and overwhelming jumping power!

We updated the sports watching event page of Hiroshima (late December)

  • Hiroshima

VREX Hiroshima shop, Notice of updating sports watching event page in late December


Pro basketball B1 league match, High School Basketball Winter Cup 2018, Arima Memorial and World Tennis etc, there are plenty of not to be missed!


> Click here for details

Local idol has come to VR experience! (VREX Hiroshima)

  • Hiroshima

Ms. Anty (our local idol group “etto-etto Hiroshima”) came to VR experience at the VREX Hiroshima shop!


Experience movie is now open to the public!


> articles & videos from here


> Anty’s Twitter from here


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