A new game has been added. Get treasure in the valley! “Treasure Valley”

  • Shibuya Miyamasuzaka

The first new game in 2018 is “Treasure Valley”!

You will go down the gondola with a fantastic valley where treasure falls asleep.
What will you encounter at the destination?


Let’s collect more treasure in cooperation with friends!
The score will be up according to the treasure collected!
Aim, high rank !!


Started operation from January 4, 2018!
1Play 700yen per person.


Announcement of business hours of year-end and New Year

  • Shibuya Miyamasuzaka

Announcement of business hours of year-end and New Year


12/30 (Sat) 16:30 – 28:00
12/31 (Sun) Closed
1/1 (Mon) Closed
1/2 (Tue) 16:30 – 23:30
1/3 (Wed) 16:30 – 23:30
1/4 (Thu) 16:30 – 23:30
1/5 (Fri) 16:30 – 28:00


After that as usual
Monday – Thursday, Sundays from 16:30 to 23:30
Friday Satday, the day before public holiday from 16:30 to 28:00


“Christmas cake fair” is held until December 25!


“Christmas cake fair” is held until December 25!


Noel Cafe Caramel
(Length approximately 13cm)

We used plenty of flavorful cafe mousse. It was molded with chocolate sponge, and coffee syrup was decorated on the surface, with caramel cream on the surface and choco with cocoa coffee flavor on the point. It is a cake with a good compatibility between coffee and caramel.


Noel Fromage Aprico
(Length approximately 13cm)

We combined the apricot jam with Scalpone mousse containing plenty of air and plenty.  And around it, finished with apricot-flavored Shanti, finished in a gentle tasting cake.


whole cake 2,800yen(not include tax)
Cut cake 500yen(not include tax)

VREX Shibuya Miya Masuzaka shop opens on November 29! HP, SNS, etc. will also be launched!

  • Shibuya Miyamasuzaka

VREX Shibuya shop will finally open on 29th November 2017!
Lineup of “Special Original VR Game” that can only be experienced at our shop!
Please come and join your friends!

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