VREX Shinjuku 2nd shop will be OPEN & Cloud funding page start notice

  • Shinjuku

VREX 2nd store will open in Shinjuku on March 30, 2018!
More casual, it is a facility that you can enjoy eating and drinking with cutting-edge VR, AR Game.

In addition, CAMPFIRE-san’s cloud funding page also released!
More, VR & AR × I’d like to spread “VREX” that I can enjoy with eating and drinking!
There is a cash back with services and gift certificates that exceeded the amount you supported.

Please see here for details

“HAPPY OSHARE TIME” powers up for 4 people game, appears on VREX!

  • Shibuya

The game “HAPPY OSHARE TIME” is upgraded, it becomes “HAPPY OSHARE TIME QUARTET” which can play up to 4 persons at the same time, it appears on VREX! !


Two people are more fun than to do alone!
Four people are the best!?


In our shop, matching play with other customers is also possible!
It might be possible to compete with “HAPPY OSHARE TIME Fan” who came to the shop by chance!


Start at February 5th with 1 PLAY 700 yen per person!




A person who wants to experience a lot of games, a plan recommended for HADO training, new appearance for a limited time!

  • Shibuya

“I’d like to do a lot of VR games, but 700 yen is hard for my wallet every time …” It is good news for such a person!


VR “virtual party”, AR “HADO”, each one is 700 yen, but if you play 2 consecutive games you can enjoy it at 1,200 yen.
* You will start the next game while wearing goggles etc.


Recommended for HADO training! 


OPEN ~ Time limited until 18 o’clock, HADO can be enjoyed in free time!
It is 2,000 yen with one drink per person.
* It will be a reservation system for each game (two matches).
* If there is another customer’s reservation, it will be changed over.


We are waiting for everyone’s use.


HADO New Year cup will be held from 1/13 Sat.

  • Shibuya

The total amount of prizes is over 100,000yen!?
HADO New Year cup will be held from 1/13 Sat.
We are accepting participation!

The first HADO official tournament this year, the “HADO New Year Cup” will be held from 1/13 Saturday 12:30 at VREX Shibuya Miyamasuzaka shop!

The total amount of prizes is over 100,000yen!
Please participate.


[Competition Detail]
Please refer to the following page regarding details of the event and receptionist.
HADO official page


Please apply from the following Peatix site

A new game has been added. Get treasure in the valley! “Treasure Valley”

  • Shibuya

The first new game in 2018 is “Treasure Valley”!

You will go down the gondola with a fantastic valley where treasure falls asleep.
What will you encounter at the destination?


Let’s collect more treasure in cooperation with friends!
The score will be up according to the treasure collected!
Aim, high rank !!


Started operation from January 4, 2018!
1Play 700yen per person.


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